Track and trace
Our selected ship owners all have track and trace facilities so that you know exactly where your cargo is located. Ship name, last port of departure and an accurate arrival date to the port of destination enables you to confidently meet your delivery commitment to your client.

Cross Trades
Our agent networks enable us to take on a wide spectrum of cross trade projects; your cargo can be located in any country with a contract to deliver to any other country on a full door-to-door basis.  Our project manager will fly to oversee a specific project if required.

Hazardous cargo
We move all types of hazardous cargo from aerosols to corrosives to flammable liquids. We can advise you on what combinations and volumes of hazardous cargo are safe to transport. We are fully International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) compliant.

Most high value shipments are covered between buyer and seller under banking Letters of Credit. We are fully experienced in this type of transaction. We provide your shipping documents for bank submission quickly and in exact accordance to your letter of credit agreement so you receive your payment without delay.  Where required a Certificate of Origin can also be arranged.

Professional packing
We have worldwide contacts in professional packing. All shapes and sizes of cargo are packed to protect your freight from damage during transit.

We are able to photograph and note your cargo's condition. We have worldwide connections with professional inspection companies such as SGS and Bureau Veritas for a more comprehensive service.

Many countries now insist that imported cargo be fumigated before arrival and a certificate proving that fumigation has been completed. We arrange fumigation of your container without harming your cargo and issue the required certificate.